Product Name:Semi-dull flat polyester pre-oriented yarn

Product Specifications:134dtex/***F、138dtex/144F、218dtex/***F、277dtex/***F
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Flat fiber has excellent flashing, bulkiness, silk hand feel, stain resistance and anti-pilling properties. The fabric woven by overcoming the circular cross-section fiber has a waxy and soft feel, which is easier to dye, and the fiber hair has good uprightness. The fabric feels soft and delicate, rich in three-dimensionality, strong warmth, comfortable and pleasant, and can give the fabric a unique style and excellent performance.

    Conventional fiber cross section                       Flat fiber cross section

Main purpose

It is suitable for fabrics such as mink fur, carpets, drawn blankets, decorations and toy fabrics.

Quality promise

Product quality is the foundation of an enterprise. Xinfengming has always adhered to the quality concept of "pragmatic quality, innovation and high quality", and integrated the concepts of "excellent quality", "independent innovation", "industrial collaboration" and "social responsibility" made in Zhejiang into the operation and development of the company to ensure the "brand word mark" "The technical indicators of the product meet the requirements of the "Made in Zhejiang" standard.

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