Polyester Imitation Cotton
Polyester Imitation Cotton


Polyester cotton-like fiber is made by combining two different polyester fibers POY and FDY through a special process. POY is completely covered on the surface of FDY and has bright dyeing properties. FDY is used as the skeleton to enhance the yarn strength. At the same time, it depends on its different The crimp shrinkage presents a three-dimensional crimp shape, forming the characteristics of cotton yarn style. It not only has good mechanical properties of polyester, the fabric is crisp, quick-drying, antistatic, but also has the moisture absorption, warmth, softness and other properties of cotton, and it is comfortable to wear.

Performance and advantages:

1. The fabric style has a 3D sense, good drape, fluffy and natural touch of cotton.

2. Moisture absorption, quick-drying, anti-wrinkle, and good anti-pilling property.

3. Good dyeing uniformity, able to meet the needs of high-quality customers.

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