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On January 17, 2023 Zhejiang Entrepreneur Annual theme Conference was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. This conference was sponsored by the Zhejiang Merchants Association, and more than 600 people including representatives of global Zhejiang merchants gathered to discuss the new development of Zhejiang merchants in the new era. At the meeting, Xinfengming group won the "2023 Zhejiang Entrepreneur Annual Innovation Sample", and Chairman Zhuang Yaozhong was invited to participate in the tide Dialogue - Youth Zhejiang Entrepreneur Dialogue.

As the largest "golden signboard" in Zhejiang, private economy not only achieves Zhejiang, but also shows China and connects with the world. The Party Committee and the provincial government of Zhejiang Province have always looked highly at the private economy and showed great love to it. In 2023, Zhejiang will coordinate the promotion of three "No. 1 projects", vigorously implement the "ten major projects", and introduce 32 private economy articles to help the development of the private sector and enhance confidence and momentum.

At the conference, Ke Jixin, Vice governor of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government, read out the instructions of Governor Wang Hao, fully affirming the contribution of Zhejiang businessmen to the economic and social development of Zhejiang in the past year.

Wang Wenxu, member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, pointed out in his speech that Zhejiang merchants are the most precious resources and the most precious golden sign of Zhejiang.

Nan Cunhui, chairman of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, Chairman of the Zhejiang Federation of Industry and Commerce, and president of the Zhejiang Merchants Association, called on Zhejiang Entrepreneur to continue to carry forward the spirit of "four thousand" and the spirit of Zhejiang Entrepreneur in the new era, grasp the learning and application of artificial intelligence and digital frontier technologies such as large models, build a globally-oriented open "industry-university-research and financing" system, and firmly seize the cyclical investment and development opportunities brought by anti-globalization. To make Zhejiang "sweet potato" tuber contribution to Zhejiang Business strength.

In the dialogue session of young Zhejiang businessmen, Chairman Zhuang Yaozhong explained to everyone the spirit of Xinfengming enterprise "to try our best and struggle to move ourselves", he said that only in this way can youth have no regrets and life can have no regrets. Subsequently, when talking about the general tone of the Central Economic Work Conference for 2024 economic work, the relationship between creation and destruction, Zhuang Dong based on the experience of Xinfengming entrepreneurship and development, said that the first establishment and then destruction, the two are interdependent, mutual conditions, no establishment and destruction, there is no development, no establishment and destruction, there is no innovation, in this group of Zhejiang businessmen, there is the most vivid interpretation of establishment and destruction!

As a private entity enterprise focused on the cultivation of Zhejiang Province, all Xinfengming people will take this as an incentive to continue to focus on the field of chemical fiber industry, "do not break", we must establish the confidence and determination to create a better future, we must break the obstacles and difficulties on the long journey, let the new and the old step by step, let the reform move after the decision, move forward in the change, catch the waves in The Times, Strive to carry forward the "New four thousand spirit" of Zhejiang Entrepreneur and contribute Xinfengming force to build a demonstration area of common prosperity in Zhejiang Province.