Chairman Zhuang Yaozhong won the top ten "Zhejiang Businessmen of the Year" in 2023

2024-01-21 09:32:37 Xin Feng Ming Group Viewd 74

On the evening of January 19, the Zhejiang Merchants Awards Ceremony, known as the "Oscar" of the Zhejiang economic community, was held grandly at the Zhejiang International Film and Television Center. This event was hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee and Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, and co-organized by the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce and Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Association. Zhuang Yaozhong, chairman of the group, was awarded the top ten "Zhejiang Businessmen of the Year" in 2023.

Thousands of threads and meticulous details. This is the mission of industrial upgrading.

Be solemn and self-reliant, and glorify China. This is the responsibility of the Sons of Chemical Fiber.

Choose one thing for the rest of life.

Not change original intention because of prosperity or others.

With a long tassel in hand, write about youth without regrets.

During the dialogue session, Director Zhuang said that our generation is actually a generation standing on the shoulders of giants. Our entire chemical fiber industry in Zhejiang is the leader and vanguard in the country and even the world. Looking at the entire industry in Zhejiang, our fathers have given us We have laid a very solid and good foundation, which also provides a very broad stage and high-quality platform for us to start our business again. He believes that the best way to pay tribute to his fathers is to go all out to surpass them on the basis of inheritance.

Pay tribute to our fathers, face the future, continue to move forward, and continue to innovate. Under the leadership of Chairman Zhuang Yaozhong, Xinfengming will continue to focus on its main business and focus on deep cultivation. We will use the meticulousness of our Xinfengming people to create everything intelligently, vertically integrate the vertical industrial chain, and horizontally expand the product structure diversification.Bravely stand on the tide, ride the wind and waves, carry forward the spirit of Zhejiang merchants who dare to be the first and persevere, develop in "Zhejiang" and realize their dreams in "Zhejiang", to build a strong manufacturing province, create a "415X" advanced manufacturing cluster, and build Zhejiang characteristic modern industrial system, strive to promote new industrialization and contribute our own efforts!