Advisors to the Deputy Mayor of Tongxiang City visited and guided

2021-05-19 00:00:00 新凤鸣集团股份有限公司 Viewd 4117

On the morning of May 19th, the Deputy Mayor of Tongxiang City, together with Xu Lei, Director of Tongxiang Audit Bureau, visited the company for research and guidance accompanied by relevant leaders of Zhouquan Town. Vice President Yang Jianfei and Foreign Affairs Manager Qian Xueming received warm receptions.

Mayor Gu and his entourage listened to a report on the company’s recent production and operations, and focused on the follow-up development plan. He pointed out: Xinfengming’s current biggest task is sustainable development and high-quality development. As an important support for Tongxiang’s real economy, Xinfengming Fengming has effectively played a leading and exemplary role in strengthening its main business and intelligent manufacturing. The municipal party committee and government will continue to provide support and services to encourage the company to seize opportunities, make scientific plans, and unswervingly pursue high-quality development and green The road of development and intelligent development will make new and greater contributions to Tongxiang's strategy of "industrially strong city" and the realization of a new round of leapfrog development.