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Technology Center

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Technical Center Function Positioning

Xinfengming Group Enterprise Technology Center adheres to the principle of "creating a first-class working environment, attracting first-class talents, and producing first-class scientific and technological achievements", and adheres to the path of developing enterprises through science and technology and combining production, education and research.

Frontier Fiber Research System

It is composed of academician workstation, postdoctoral workstation, high-tech fiber materials research institute, and science and technology information department. It focuses on the research of cutting-edge fiber and makes a layout for the research and development work of the technology center.

Product development and industrialization system

The Product Development Department is responsible for the development of new products, the implementation of scientific research cooperation projects, and the development of differentiated fibers with higher added value, including composite functional fibers, recycled fibers, and highly bionic functional fibers. The product industrialization department is responsible for the transformation of achievements, the development of new processes and the development of intelligent equipment.

Inspection and Testing Center System

Responsible for regular and irregular sampling inspections of the company's products, standardization and quality work in the trial production and trial production of new products, and training and supervision of the company's testing and quality control personnel. Among them, the Process Testing Department is responsible for the testing of semi-finished products and process; the Testing and Testing Department is responsible for the physical and chemical index testing of finished products; the Product and Raw Material Standards Section is responsible for the revision, approval and release of the company's product and raw materials standards.

R&D work support system

Responsible for the daily management affairs of the technology center, organizing the review and acceptance of technological innovation projects, technical exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, training of R&D personnel and management personnel, etc. The Intellectual Property Department is responsible for the development planning of enterprise intellectual property rights, patents and other scientific and technological achievements Declaration and protection.

Industry-University-Research Cooperation System

It is composed of development centers that Xinfengming cooperates with various universities, including Donghua-Xinfengming Fiber New Material Technology Development Center, Xinfengming-China Jiliang University Quality Engineering Research Center, Xinfengming-Jiaxing University Technology R&D Center Etc., focusing on the research and development of basic theories and some key projects.

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