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"Internet +" innovative management model

Intelligent "55211" project: In about 5 years, four major platforms for operation management, production and operation, customer service, basic technology and smart factory demonstration will be established in an orderly manner, and two systems of informationization standards and information security will be established, and a set of informationization will be established. The management and control mechanism strives to fully complete the construction of smart factories by the end of 2025, build industry-stream informatization capabilities, and support the realization of the strategic goal of "the most professional fiber supplier".

5G+ Industrial Internet Platform-FENG Platform

The industry's first 5G+ industrial Internet platform integrating master data, real-time data, ERP, EMES, big data, business intelligence, and APP has created a new model and new economy of intelligence + production, sales, and logistics. With the support of the platform, Xinfengming Group's production capacity is ranked second in the world, with multiple firsts such as "process level, automation level, intelligent level, profitability, and quality reputation", among which the per capita output is 25% higher than the industry , The single product is the lowest in the industry in the country, representing the most advanced productivity in the industry.

  • Supported by the management platform

    Strategic management, investment management, financial management, material management, human resource management

  • Based on advanced technology platform

    Cloud computing, big data, mobile internet, internet of things, social media

  • Develop cloud operation and maintenance

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