VIP guests from Jiaxing and Xuzhou branches of ICBC visited and guided

2021-06-10 00:00:00 新凤鸣集团股份有限公司 Viewd 4298

On the afternoon of June 9, Jiang Shungen, President of Jiaxing Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Xia Fujun, Vice President, Zhang Huajun, President of Xuzhou Branch, Zhang Tengbiao, general manager of the company department, and other distinguished guests visited the company for investigation and guidance. Party Secretary Zhuang Kuilong and CFO Shen Sunqiang Wait for a warm reception.

The distinguished guests from ICBC, accompanied by Mr. Shen, visited the first-line production workshops and visited the spinning, winding, and packaging workshops to understand the company's production status in all aspects. At the symposium, the distinguished guests from ICBC listened to the company’s development history and recent production and operation related conditions, and exchanged views with Secretary Zhuang on the current international economic environment and the trend of the chemical fiber industry, especially the company’s new projects and subsequent development plans. communication. Jiang Shungen, President of Jiaxing Branch, pointed out that Xinfengming, as a leading enterprise in the chemical fiber industry, is one of the benchmarks for the high-quality development of Jiaxing's private economy. ICBC and the company have a good foundation for many years of cooperation, and will continue to support and provide good services as always. the company. Zhang Huajun, President of Xuzhou Branch, stated that Xinfengming's project landing in Xinyi, Xuzhou, will drive the development of Xinyi's real economy to a certain extent. Xuzhou Branch will definitely give play to the spirit of "shop two" to further enhance service awareness and improve service standards. We hope that with the joint efforts of both parties, we can build a trustworthy and win-win bank-enterprise relationship, and seek mutual benefit and coordinated development!