Focus on G20 - Zhuang Kuilong , Chairman of XinFengMing Group, was invited to attend the B20 Summit and was received by Indonesian President Joko.

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On November 15-16, the 17th G20 Leaders' Summit (2022 G20 Summit) was held in Bali, Indonesia. On 16th, November President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China met with President Joko Widodo of Indonesia, the host country, and the two heads of state said that China and Indonesia will continue to deepen the connection between the“One Belt, One Road” initiative and Indonesia's “global maritime pivot” concept, and China will continue to promote the construction of “regional integrated economic corridors” and “dual parks”. During the meeting, the two heads of state said that China and Indonesia will continue to deepen the “Belt and Road”initiative to dovetail with Indonesia's “Global Maritime Pivot” concept, and continue to push forward the construction of the “Regional Comprehensive Economic Corridor” and the “Binational Twin Park”. The Chinese side will continue to encourage outstanding Chinese-funded enterprises to participate in Indonesia's major infrastructure construction projects and help Indonesia build the new capital and the North Kalimantan Industrial Park.


The direction of the country is the direction of the enterprise. Recently, as one of the representatives of Chinese enterprises invited to participate in the conference, Mr. Zhuang set foot on this land of cooperation, tolerance and openness. on the evening of November 12, Mr. Zhuang was invited to participate in the welcoming dinner organized by Mr. Luhut, the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investment Coordination of Indonesia, and on the 13th to 14th, he participated in the Group of Twenty (G20) Business and Industry (B20) Summit.

The Summit is an important business cooperation mechanism under the Group of Twenty (G20) Leaders' Summit, and is the primary platform for the international business community to participate in global economic governance and the formulation of international economic and trade rules. Each year, the Summit forms a policy recommendation report on the G20 theme and key hot topics of global economic development, which provides an important reference for the governments of G20 member countries to carry out policy coordination and promote the reform of global economic governance.

B20. Chen Shiliang, Chairman of Tongkun Group, Zhang Yujiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zhenshi Group, Chen Xuehua, Chairman of Huayou Group, and Zhuang Kuilong, Chairman of Xinfengming Group, and other four major enterprises in Tongxiang City were at the helm of the meeting at the same time. At the meeting, Qingshan Industrial Board Chairman Xiang Guangda, Tongkun Group Chairman Chen Shiliang, Ningde Times Li Changdong 3 entrepreneurs have spoken.

In his speech, Mr. Chen Shiliang, Chairman of Tongkun Holding Group, on behalf of Tongkun and Xinfengming, emphasized the determination of the two enterprises to lay out the construction of green industrial parks in North Kalimantan. He said that the two companies join hands to “go out” is the active response to the General Secretary Xi Jinping advocated the “One Belt, One Road” and President Joko put forward the concept of “global maritime pivot” positive performance. Mr. Chen also commented on the overseas industrial chain layout. Mr. Chen also made a detailed report on the broad prospects, scale of investment and overall progress of the overseas industry chain extension project, and pointed out that the project is an important strategic layout for Tongkun and Xinfengming to further extend the industry chain and build a whole industry chain, which is conducive to building a cross-border supply chain value chain, guaranteeing the high-quality development of the two groups, and is a vivid and vivid example of the group practicing the new development pattern of “International and Domestic Dual Cycle”. It is a vivid embodiment of the Group's practice of the “international and domestic dual-cycle” new development pattern, and at the same time contributes to the consolidation of bilateral economic and trade relations between China and Indonesia. After listening to the report, President Joko highly affirmed the project.

Subsequently, Minister Luhut alone with Tongkun, Qingshan, Xinfengming three companies at the helm of the joint investment project exchanges, Minister Luhut expressed full support for enterprises in North Kalimantan Green Industrial Park related projects to promote.


China and Indonesia's friendly relations between the two countries for the development of enterprises to provide high-quality soil, Tongkun, new Fengming also focus on Indonesia, based on their own focus on chemical fiber industry for many years as the basis for the strength of the country into Indonesia, and the formation of a significant cluster effect, and strive to make the fruits of development to benefit the people of the two countries.


Next year marks the 10th anniversary of China-Indonesia comprehensive strategic partnership

Under the new pattern of high-level cooperation

Xinfengming will closely follow the national strategy and government planning

Deepen practical cooperation and promote high-quality development

Contribute to the construction of global common destiny!